Company Overview

HEC India was founded in 2009 with the objective of flawlessly executing engineering contracts and guaranteeing excellence in client services. The company was incorporated to emphasize our commitment and dedication to Infrastructure projects.

Headquartered in Chennai, HEC India has a larger family of 540+ employees stationed across the country to ensure the time-efficient delivery of quality services. 

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Our Operations

As one of the largest company in India HEC India presence encompasses the entire value chain from power generation, construction , oil & gas to infrastructure contracts. 

Quality Policy

HEC India is committed to deliver best in class products exceeding expectations consumer, stakeholders, investors and others through innovations and continuous process improvement with strategic partnerships in India and overseas.

Environment Protection​

HEC India is highly committed to the protection of environment by bringing change in the energy mix of the country by increasing the share of renewable energy resources, solar and non-conventional energy sources and clean technologies.

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