Corporate Governance reasoning depends on the standards of equivalent chance, decency, and straightforwardness, maintaining the law in its most genuine soul and keeping up legitimate correspondences. The Company accepts that sound corporate governance is important to hold partners trust as well as is basic for proficient working and appropriate lead of the matter of the organization with uprightness. Advancement of Corporate Governance rules is a nonstop cycle, which advances throughout some undefined time frame and goes through changes to suit the changing occasions and needs of the business, society and the country.

The Board of Directors is at the center of corporate governance practice and supervises how the management serves and secures the drawn out interests, everything being equal. Our Board individuals with their tremendous experience and information manage different administration panels to maintain the standards in agreement to the most elevated industry benchmarks. Be it the executives, trade, account, banking, specialized, legitimate and so on, the Board has shaped different panels, for example, Audit Committee, Banking Committee, speculation Committee, Allotment Committee, Project Monitoring Committee, CSR Advisory Council, Corporate Environment Team. These boards have been vested with the vital forces to productively deal with the issues of the Company.

Code of Conduct

The implicit rules have been set somewhere around the Board so as to advance great corporate governance and model individual lead. It is material to all chiefs and senior administrative staff of the organization. The Board of Directors has additionally affirmed a Code of inward techniques and led to dodge any unfortunate behavior.

As a piece of its promise to follow best practices and great corporate governance, Hindustan Engineering Corporation keeps the most noteworthy standards and rules of the Country. Adjusting to these rules, and enthused by its own inclination to be viewed as a free, reasonable and reliable association; the Company continues developing approaches to guarantee that its organizations and social achievements are accomplished with honesty.