Hindustan Engineering Corporation was founded in 2005 with the objective of flawlessly executing engineering contracts and guaranteeing excellence in government services. The company was incorporated to emphasize our commitment and dedication to Infrastructure projects.

Headquartered in New Delhi, Hindustan Engineering Corporation has a larger family of 3540+ employees stationed across the country to ensure the time-efficient delivery of quality services. As a company, we provide you the advantageous combination of the established presence of a local firm and the strength, stability and resources of a national company.

Hindustan Engineering Corporation places paramount importance on gathering an understanding of local issues and ensuring that they are amicably addressed. We derive our strength from our employees and shareholders, and in turn the company accords the highest priority to their growth. With our strengths in strong client relationships, a talented workforce, and our impeccable reputation in quality and project management, we aspire to attain a leadership position in the infrastructure industry.