Hindustan Engineering Corporation is submitted towards working pair with our networks and consequently maintaining a capable business. Our tireless endeavors include progressing Corporate Social Responsibility programs towards guaranteeing nonstop strengthening influences of the networks where we work.

The districts where Hindustan Engineering Corporation is working are classified as probably the most monetarily in reverse zones having restricted framework. Accordingly the open door for an eminent organization to acquire a positive effect these territories is the center of our working business. From, recent years we have conveyed a great deal in network through common infrastructural improvements like foundation of ‘A Grade’ state funded school, redesigns and up-degrees of government schools and ITIs, street developments, formation of Rock Garden, Construction of network latrines/restrooms, and establishment of road sun oriented lighting framework and some more.

Aside from infrastructural advancements, our significant network speculation Programs are engaged towards four centers formative territories. All the mediation are centered on taking into account the requirements of the most underestimated networks (87 % of SC/ST/OBC recipients), inside which ladies kids and crude clans are given uncommon consideration.